Provide Children's Mental Health Services


    Help teachers build mental health rooms

    By transforming through the natural environment

    And protect children's mental health together

  • 3 Parts In Psychological Assessment

    8 Functional Zones

    Office reception area, psychological evaluation area, psychological counseling area, sand table game area, group activity area, natural environment dredging area, psychological reading area, psychological and cultural corridor


    Psychological Evaluation

    Performing two assessments before and after a period of time can grasp the changes in students' general preferences and psychological and emotional changes, so as to objectively summarize the students' emotional changes and provide timely feedback to the school, teachers and parents.


    Stress Relief Plan

    The transformation from traditional one-to-one psychological interviews to one-to-many game observation greatly reduces the workload of the school, and is responsible for the psychological construction of each student as much as possible, and it is also convenient for the school to cooperate with parents to focus on the current emotional state.


    Course Design

    Each person's psychological situation is different according to their own life factors. According to the classic psychological theory, a series of data processing is used to quantify people's psychological characteristics, plus the sound and light scenes of scene transfer to develop targeted tutorials.

  • Multiple Sensory Natural Environment Space

    Miter tech uses light waves, sound waves, and sense of smell to help people ease the process of promoting hyperactivity, autism, bipolar disorder, etc.

    Comprehensive Improvement

    Simulation Of Natural Environment

    Response Stimulation

    Visual Stimulation