Natural Healing Space

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    Intelligent Elderly Care System

    Light therapy---In 2017, "Nature" published a research paper by MIT neuroscientist Cai Lihui, which proved that using a simple 40 Hz flash to stimulate the retina can affect brain nerves and even treat Alzheimer's disease .


    Combination of sound and light--The 2019 "Cell" paper proved that not only the use of light, but also the use of 40 Hz sound to stimulate hearing, combined with light stimulation can produce better results. Because of the non-invasive nature of these methods, the application prospects are huge.


    The sound and light system is used to transform the rehabilitation and elderly care center to combine with intelligent environmental control. While optimizing the rehabilitation treatment environment, environmental intervention is used to relieve the patient's mood and achieve psychological adjustment. Unlike medication, surgery, and medical device treatment, this is a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects.

    Sound And Light Gym Project

    Exercise in fun

    Inspired by a sound and light gym in New York. Through the guidance of light and sound, all common actions in gyms are gamified. The walls and floor are made of pressure-sensitive materials, and the sensor LED lights play a major role. This immersive experience makes sports more fun.



    Natural Oxygen Bar Project

    Making "air vitamins"


    The negative oxygen ion generator is responsible for the production of "air vitamins", and the ultra-short throw projector is responsible for the production of natural light and shadow, which can produce desired natural images in various places, turning a boring indoor space into a fresh and comfortable natural oxygen bar.