Create Natural Indoor Environment

    The inner connection between natural colors, sounds and peace of mind

    Natural Lights Simulation

    Enjoying outdoor sunlight indoor is always one’s dream, that is what we are working on.

    Bipolar Ionic

    BPI system aims to purify the air and increase the air ion concentration to reach the ion concentration level in a pollution-free state.

    White Noise Music

    Bring calmness to inordinate breathing and heart rate through a unique algorithm to simulate natural sounds.

  • Bring The Nature Indoor

    Provide the most comfortable environment scheme with combination of nature, data and technology.

    Simulate The Sunlight Spectrum

    “Simulate the real effect of how sunlight shines in the room and create the feeling of soaking up in real sunshine which comes from endless dark blue sky by our technology.“

    When the sun reaches the earth, it will disperse with different angles, so the sky will be blue during the day and the red-orange gradation at sunset. Miter sunlight Simulator can not only simulate the sunlight of different levels of intensities, so that the scene of sunlight entering the room from the skylight is, but also can simulate the extremely realistic blue sky, so that you can enjoy the warmth of sunlight wherever you are.

    LED Nature Simulator

    Our product is able to copy the spectrum of nature completely.

    Through the collection of natural data, the morning forest, the afternoon sun, and the sunset glow by the river are included in our plan, and the combination of light and light tools reappear the light of the natural environment. Create a relaxing atmosphere and light healing space in the room that can reduce the level of anxiety.

    Bipolar Ionic System

    Increasing the air ion concentration to reach the ion concentration level in a pollution-free state will improve air quality.

    Lightning phenomena, photoelectric effects, fountains and waterfalls in nature can ionize air. The bipolar ion tube generates air ions with positive and negative charges. Positive and negatively charged air ions attract air pollutants with opposite charges. It will help to reduce pollution levels and purify air by contact.

    White Noise Music

    It is a gift from nature which can cause special psychological acoustics effect.

    In many international studies, white noise is used as a treatment method. Some therapists will describe the sound they hear as rain or the sound of waves hitting the shore.

    Miter has been cooperating with Wavecare in Denmark for years to study the effects of natural sound waves and light waves on people's mood, physiology and even medical rehabilitation