• A bit of Sunshine Can Greatly Change The Living Space

    We want to bring sunshine and warmth to every space

  • How does Sunshine Change Indoor Environment


    Mental Feelings

    Sunlight causes positive effect to person’s mood. It helps to relieve physical and mental anxiety by creating natural scene of light and shadow.


    Visual Perception

    Brighten up indoor space and create a warm and comfy space atmosphere.


    Spatial Extension

    Reproduce visual sense of natural sunlight and sky and convey a sense of wide-open space by a few square window.

  • "Sunlight makes Indoor A Healthier Environment”

    Natural light plays a very important role of adjusting human physical rhythm. As the saying goes, go to work at sunrise and go home at sunset, that shows how sunlight guides our daily routine by changing color temperature and light ray.

    Sunlight、air、water not only are absolutely necessary factors in surviving but also for mental and physical health. We are determined to bring outside inside to improve people’s daily life.

    "Simulate the real effect of how sunlight shines in the room and create the feeling of soaking up in real sunshine which comes from endless dark blue sky by our technology.

    Miter sunlight simulator not only can simulate different intensity of sunlight, making it looks like real sunlight stream into house through windows, but also can simulate true-to-life sky, making people bath in the warm sunshine no matter when and no matter where.

    “Create natural scene

    Apply to all kinds of indoor architectures
    Miter sunlight simulator applies to all kinds of architectures, such as: Hospital, hotel, shopping mall, office, indoor stadium, health center, airport, underground space, museum, private house, or even narrow space.
  • Leisure and Entertainment

    Applications: All kinds of hotels, SPAs, social space (resting room, club, restaurant, bar, cinema)
    Sky in a house —Miter sunlight simulator gives space color and depth in a way which only real sun does.
    Natural elements, plants and blue sky create a natural and relaxing atmosphere, especially in closed spaces, which can completely break the spatial structure, change people's sense of pleasure around the building, and increase the sense of happiness and relaxation.

    Retail Industry

    Applications: Clothing shop, shoe store, shopping mall and other retail industry.
    To retail industry, being able to build a unique and highlighted display area and create an eased and comfortable atmosphere will provide a better shopping experience for customers. A shopping center that with natural light and extensive sky will make commodity more vivid and attractive, so that customer’s staying time will be extended and potential possibility of purchasing will be increased.

    Office Space

    Traditional lights can only meet the need of illumination, on that basis, according to the trait of office space, Miter sunlight simulator system focuses on enhancing the sense of space and creating a more positive and efficient office atmosphere.

    Landmark Building

    Applications: Museum, art center etc.
    Provide every possibility of free designing for architects. It helps to build glorious art exhibition area or gallery and makes every exhibit glowing and unique just like how they look under sunshine.

    Residence Space

    Applications: Basement, leisure area, corridor, lounge, bathroom etc.
    The lighting issue of basement has been troubling designers all the while. Miter sunlight simulator system, like a second sun, lights up every inch of the room naturally and truly.

    Public Space

    Applications: Lobby, waiting area, metro station etc.
    The open areas of large commercial complexes, such as entrance halls, front halls, waiting areas, etc., use the MITER sunlight simulator system to broaden the field of vision while ensuring that the visual brightness of the public areas can be easily and comfortably raised higher than traditional indoor lighting Another level.